Sophia Hilton 5 mins hair up

One of the great things about my job with L’Oreal is I get to host courses for guest artists. Guest artists are award winning hairstylists/colourists who have a high profile and have quite a following of people keen to learn their skills and techniques. Sophia Hilton is a L’Oreal Colour Trophy winner and also a former Hairdresser Journal Newcomer of the year winner, she has also won lots of other smaller awards. So it was very exciting for me to host Sophia’s 5 Minute Hair up at The Hilton (obviously!.)

Hair up is very popular at the moment but the most difficult thing for a hairstylist is to make the style their own and to make it look modern. Sophia’s course shows the hairstylists first how to prep the hair and then how to create many different updo styles and very quickly.






Here is Sophia showing students some techniques. Sophia is a really sweet person with a gentle, approachable nature which makes her a patient teacher. She made sure everyone understood what they were doing and walked round helping inbetween demos.













Love this rope twist ponytail.















Lovely double dutch braid.














Twisted braid updo.














Love this intricate and glamorous look.














High shine polished side bun.








These are just a handful of the looks Sophia did on the day and how beautiful are they? So intricate yet she made them look so simple and taught them very clearly too. A massive thank you to Sophia for a great day and to the 2 lovely models who are both clients of mine! If you are interested in doing a course with Sophia please contact L’Oreal head office to enquire.

Natalie x

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