Smart Bond

There is a fantastic new product just about to be launched by L’Oreal called Smartbond.

This is a revolutionary new product and I am one of 5 people in the south east to get my hands on it before it’s launched.

It’s a conditioning and strengthening system that you can add to your colour to protect and strengthen your hair while colouring or you can use it on its own just as a conditioning treatment. It works by repairing the hair bonds, these are broken down in hair when we colour, use heat or just as we age.

When these bonds are broken our hair can feel dry, lack shine and break more easily. 

It’s great for colour change I used it  below to help with Holly’s hair as she was going from copper to natural brown with balayage . This kept the condition of her hair shiny and healthy throughout the process. Here are the before and after photos. 

Holly’s hair looked so shiny and healthy even after this major change so she was very happy with her new look !
It also helps repair aging hair, when we age the keratin levels in our hair decrease making our hair look dry, frizzy and brittle. Smartbond repairs the bonds in the hair making it feel weightless, shiny, smooth and young again. I used it on this lady’s hair below to help improve condition and add shine.

I had my hair done too and even though I use the best products on my hair you can see from the before photo my hair is naturally dry and frizzy which drives me mad! See below –

Before – (shaming myself on social media 😀)

After – you can see why I’m smiling suddenly I’ve got healthy shiny hair again!

My new obsession ! Healthy hair definitely makes you look younger and feel more glamorous

Prices start from £10 for short hair so let me know if you would like to try this next time with your colour service or on its own as a conditioning treatment.
Natalie x

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