steampod conditioning treatment

A popular New Years resolution is to take better care of your hair.  I always lecture my clients on the importance of using the correct home products and I’m very particular on not over colouring their hair as I love hair to look shiny and in great condition. Nothing is more aging than a frizzy birds nest! Also I’ve noticed one of the things that makes women happy is having beautiful shiny hair.  When they walk out of the salon they always feel a million dollars if their colour is shiny and their hair beautifully conditioned.


So it’s great news to let you all know I have a fantastic new conditioning treatment using the a steampod!

Ones of the things I’ve learned is when you condition hair you intensify the procedure when you use steam. Steam opens the cuticle and lets the conditioner into the hair shaft providing a deeper more intense result.  I normally use an overhead steamer but this can get very hot and also make up tends to run, so this steampod is much simpler to use!

I have 2 treatments available – a vitamin infused one which is great if you feel like the winter weather has taken a toll on your hair, this will get you from matted knotted mess to silky in no time.  Here is a photo I did of one earlier in the week.



Beautiful isn’t it? This treatment costs £25.


The other one is a keratin treatment, this is great if you feel your hair is frizzy or lacks shine.  As we get older keratin levels in our natural hair diminish and our hair can feel thinner and courser so this is an artificial way of getting that look and we no longer need to look enviously at our daughters’ long luscious locks! This treatment costs £20.

Here is one I’ve done today.

So if you fancy great conditioned hair this year why not have one of these treatments with your cut or colour!


See you all soon!

Natalie x


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