Hi I’m Natalie Shirlaw and I recently turned 50.

I recognise, now more than ever how precious life is. I have also begun to realise how difficult it can be, emotionally and physically. I presumed life would get easier as you got older – how I was fooled! As we get older women must deal with many things that are new, surreal and worrying, including the menopause, empty nests and a general feeling of unworthiness.

At the age of 50 my lovely Mum was already terminally ill with breast cancer and died shortly after, so approaching this age myself was naturally, a distressing and unsettling time for me.

In my day job I’m a hairdresser working in my own studio. Outside of my regular work, I studied martial arts for many years and became interested in Eastern practises. I studied Reiki and later, became a Reiki Master. I have also practised Yoga, Indian Head massage, NLP, Angel therapy, EFT and meditation.

Join me in my journey as I work towards nourishing my soul, focusing on better nutrition, health and fitness, natural products, caring for our planet and trying to find more joy, once again.

If I can help just one other woman to feel more fulfilled , happier and healthier my blog will have been worth publishing.