Weleda Hair Care Press Launch

Thursday was an exciting day – the Weleda haircare range officially launched – exciting! All the beauty press gathered to hear all about the new cereal range. Wizard did an amazing job of decorating the venue and setting up the whole event.

How pretty do the tables look?

Jayn Sterland the MD of Weleda told us first a bit about the company, Weleda have been around for over 90 years, I love the fact the products are farmed biodynamically, are organic and 100% natural. So many products call themselves organic but when you look at the ingredient list there are only 5% organic ingredients in there! It’s also really lovely to hear how everything is sourced responsibly too . She also introduced me as the new haircare consultant and ambassador which was really exciting.


Lilith Schwertle the European holistic esthetician then went on to tell us why Weleda chose cereal as their main ingredient for their hair range. Hair is protein and needs to be strong to look healthy and shiny. If you think about wheat in the field blowing in the wind it is strong, flexible and shiny. Hair and cereals have a lot of similarities including their structure, surface and the way they grow. In nature cereals produce a structuring compound called silicic acid making it grow strong and upright. It is also sometimes taken as a supplement as it increases hair’s strength and the health of the scalp. Lilith explained it is very important to look after our scalps and roots of our hair as it is the only living part of our hair. Hair is effectively dead material after around an inch long so how it grows is the most important part of looking after it.

Here I am with Lilith and Evelyn one of Weleda’s pharamacists

The beauty press all got a goodie bag to take home to try the products so look out for the reviews.


I’ve been trying out the range for several weeks now and have to say I love it. I think my favourite is the Revitalising Hair Tonic. It is so different from anything else on the market. The most common problems clients come to me with are flaky/itchy scalps caused by stress or using the wrong products or fine, limpless hair and minor hair loss right through to alopecia and this product tackles all of these!

The Revitalising Hair Tonic
– strengthens the hair shaft
– makes hair look and feel thicker
– invigorates the scalp


I really think this is going to be a top selling product.

If any of my clients would like to try the range let me know as I’m going to have samples of everything!

Natalie x

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