Weleda Revitalising Tonic

Very occasionally I come across a product that I just love, and for me this is one of those! Since getting in the salon last week I’ve nearly sold out already, so a best seller too!

The Revitalising Hair tonic is made with rosemary oil and will stimulate the scalp while assisting hair growth and actually strengthens the shaft of each hair. It is the oldest product in the Weleda range and was originally formulated and developed by Rudolf Steiner

Think of Rosemary as being superfood for the hair, it increases circulation to the scalp which in turn increases nutrients there. Sometimes people with very fine hair have enough hair follicles but as their follicles are small it’s difficult for all the nutrients to be absorbed and their hair becomes finer as a result. So this helps add nutrients to the hair and scalp.

This is what the Revitalising Tonic can help with

– Dry, flaky scalp

– Dandruff

– slow down premature hair loss

– stimulate hair to regrow on bald patches (like alopecia)

– create fantastic shine

– volume (hair literally doubles in texture)

– promotes pigmentation (grey hair has been known to be reversed combined with the right diet)

I have a client that is using this combined with a raw food diet so I will bring you the results later with how much grey hair is reversed!

How to use –

Shampoo your hair as normal then towel dry and before blow drying apply this tonic all over the scalp and gently massage in. Think of it as a toner for your scalp. We all tone our faces and your scalp is skin and needs toning too! You can also use on dry hair it won’t make your hair greasy, so if your head feels itchy or when you are sitting at your desk and need inspiring you can use this and the rosemary will invigorate you!

If you would like to win a bottle all you have to do is subscribe to this blog and tell me why you would like to try this product ! Winner will be announced on Monday 21 October at 5pm.

Good luck!

Natalie x



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